The Ralph and Sophie Heintz Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Thuy Doan, MD PhD

The Ralph and Sophie Heintz Laboratory is a metagenomic epidemiology laboratory that takes innovative approaches to understand how the various human microbiomes (ocular, gut, and upper respiratory tract) respond to clinically relevant perturbations in randomized controlled trials. Specifically, we seek to identify mechanisms by which mass azithromycin distribution to preschool children in Sub-Saharan countries leads to an improvement in childhood mortality. Concurrently, we carefully track antibiotic resistance in these communities to better inform public health policies. For more please visit:

In addition to our molecular epidemiology work, we focus on using genomic technologies to efficiently identify causes of ocular infections (e.g. uveitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and scleritis) with the goal of improving patient care and preventing blindness.

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