Proctor Medical Group

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The Proctor Medical Group is world famous for the expert eye care that it provides. For over 50 years the Proctor Medical Group has been a leader in the medical and surgical management of red eyes (external diseases), corneal diseases and uveitis (inflammation inside the eye). PMG providers are particularly well known for the diagnosis and management of inflammatory eye problems that occur in association with diseases affecting other organ systems.

Specific interests of the Medical Group physicians are dry eye, diseases caused by herpes simplex, herpes zoster and Chlamydia, corneal ulcers, allergic eye disease, mucous membrane pemphigoid, scleritis, all forms of uveitis including iritis and retinitis and AIDS-related eye diseases.

For specific information about individual faculty medical practices and the clinics offered at the Proctor Medical Group go to Clinics or PMG Providers.