The Foundation occupies 12,296 square feet of assignable space. This space is located in the Medical Sciences Building and at 95 Kirkham Street and includes several special laboratories and conference rooms.

  1. Ralph and Sophie Heintz Laboratory: Room S-310, Medical Sciences Building

    Dr. Margolis is the director of the Heintz Laboratory. Research in this laboratory focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of herpesvirus pathogenesis.

  2. Pearl and Samuel J. Kimura Ocular Immunology Laboratory: Room PF-101, 95 Kirkham Street

    Research in this laboratory focuses on basic research in the immune mechanisms responsible for severe ocular inflammation.

  3. Harry William Hind Library, which serves as a library, conference room, and seminar room: Room PF-314, 95 Kirkham Street
  4. Elizabeth C. Proctor Library: Room S318, Medical Sciences Building


The F.I. Proctor Foundation endowment provides base support for the Foundation. As of June 30, 2012 the endowment had a market value of $35,553,813. Other endowment funds used to support foundation activities include:

Rose Graciano Library Fund
Ralph and Sophie Heintz Lecture and Laboratory Fund
Harry Hind Library Fund
E.C. Proctor Research Professorship Fund
E.C. Proctor Fellowship Fund
Cecilia Vaughan Fellowship Fund/Heintz Endowment


Grants and contracts are the major source of funds supporting expenses and personnel costs associated with research projects. In 2011-2012, $3,484,331 was available in direct costs to the Foundation from grants and contracts. This represents an increase of 2% from the prior year. Federal awards funded 73% of our total grant research budget. Other sources of research income for that year included The Peierls Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Alta California Eye Research, the Pratt Foundation, the Harper-Inglis Fund Memorial Fund for Eye Research, the J. Cox Fund, the American Cancer Society, Research to Prevent Blindness, That Man May See, the Bruce J. and Gladys Ostler Fund, the Deloris Lange Research Fund, the Genevieve Langdon Trust, the Littlefield Trust, the Tumori Foundation, Brooks Family Foundation, the IBM International Foundation and individual donors.


That Man May See, a 501©(3) organization dedicated to fundraising for vision research at UCSF, is continuing to take an active role in fundraising for the Foundation. Priorities for fundraising include Endowed Chairs, Capital improvements, Endowed Research Programs and support for the Fellowship Training Programs. TMMS is also working with the UCSF Foundation, in support of efforts to increase planned giving on behalf of the Proctor Foundation.